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With 20 plus years of experience as a dancer and 15 years of experience photographing dancers, I, Kara Ehle Capture Dance Photography’s Owner, bring a truly unique
understanding and perspective to the art of dance photography. Having performed,
taught and professionally competed in multiple styles of dance, I have extensive
knowledge of the dance world, which enabled me to build a team of highly-trained professionals to capture each dancer’s individuality.

Capture Dance has experience photographing the performing arts at portrait days,
recitals, dance conventions, charity events, and theatrical performances. Our
photographs have appeared in several national publications, including Dance Teacher, Dancer, and Dance Spirit magazines.

We will establish a close working relationship with you and your studio and meet your
every photography need. Our primary goal is to ensure your dance “Portrait Day” is a
fun, stress-free, and rewarding time for everyone involved. We have the experience
and capability to work with your studios existing portrait day structure or
completely take charge and bring our structure. We create entirely customizable
portrait days based on your studio needs, while still creating memorable
photographs for your families that will be treasured for a lifetime.
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