Headliners Dance Championships

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HEADLINERS, has long been well-respected for honesty and integrity in the dance competition industry and for providing realistic scoring and awards. Now celebrating 30 years as a dance industry innovator, and formed by a studio owner and competition team director/parent, Headliners offers a unique perspective able to understand every aspect of what it takes to bring a child to the competition stage. Headliners was the first competition to include photo and video for free, to offer levels based on criteria (not class time), and continues to offer events with limited entries and start times no earlier than 8AM and after school of Friday. Headliners offers a “Trophy or Charity” program where studios can donate the monetary value of trophies they would receive to charity, and as a platinum member of the ADCC (Association of Dance Conventions and Competitions), Headliners is proud to award Studio of the Year recognition. Other opportunities include the awarding of up to $450,000 in college scholarships as well as selecting dancers/routines to compete as part of Team USA at the IDO world championships (www-ido-dance.com). The Headliners family welcomes you as we continue our commitment to providing a true competition experience in a fun and encouraging environment.

Shari Tomasiello

11 Middlebury Blvd, Unit 1

(973) 927-8007