Why should you attend the show?

Have you ever wished you could see the catalogs “come to life?” That’s exactly how attendees describe the UDMA Dance Teacher Expo Shows! You’ll discover brilliant accessories, stunning costumes, and the advanced teaching tools that will energize your business.

You’ll find inspiration, community, a full range of high performance services and products at the UDMA Dance Teacher Expo!

"The convention was great!  Studio Owners need UDMA!" - Dr. Cynthia Zurchin (Director, Cynthia's School of Dance & Music)


ALL attendees (regardless of previous attendance) will be required to present proof of profession. With new teachers and new studios opening every day, we want to ensure that our attendance policies are still adhered to. If you have questions regarding our policy, please contact the UDMA office.

Tips / Policies

Proof of Profession for Attendees

All attendees will be required to show proof of profession when they enter, regardless of previous attendance. Please be sure to have one of the following items with you when you check in at the show. The following items are acceptable as forms of proof of profession:

  • A business credit card
  • A business check
  • A paystub from a dance organization
  • A show program/recital booklet with your name included
  • Your name listed on a studio website (verified with an ID)
  • A school ID or verification that you work with a school program

Attendees tips & policies

Make the most of your trip to the UDMA Resource and Dance Costume Show with these insider tips and an overview of our policies:

  • Children under 16 must have prior approval to enter.
  • Please refrain from using your camera on the show floor since there is a strict "no photos" policy to protect the models and the designs
  • Not all vendors will be at every show. Review the exhibitor list on our site frequently to determine if the vendor you would like to see will be at the show you plan on attending
  • Register for one of our innovative workshops. While they may not be free, these informative sessions are tailored to dance teachers and studio owners
  • Bring cash for meals, snacks, and coffee. Lunches usually include sandwiches and salads; vegetarian options are available
  • Wear comfortable shoes - you'll be on your feet all day
  • Bring a rolling suitcase so you can load up on fun stuff like catalogs, giveaways, and samples
  • Start at the back of the exhibit hall and work your way forward to avoid the crowds
  • Ask the models to try on costumes - even to pirouette - so you can get the full effect!
  • Utilize mealtimes to review the samples and materials you’ve collected - then return to the booths for more information

Please note that as a registrant, your studio information will be shared with the exhibitors at that show.